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[section_title style= »underline » border_color= »#dddddd »] A REFRESHING UNIQUE MULTIPURPOSE THEME FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS AND CREATIVES [/section_title]

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[column size= »one_third »][section_title style= »strikethrough » border_color= »#dddddd » top_margin= »40″ bottom_margin= »40″]About Me[/section_title]

[callout_box image= »http://demo.t2themes.com/wordpress/chroma/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/shutterstock_115309930_small.jpg » title= »Hi, I’m Carla! »]Welcome to my site, I’m a passionate photographer from San Francisco. I’ve been capturing life’s precious moment for client’s for over 10 years. I’m availble for hire starting in November.

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[column size= »two_third » is_last= »true »][section_title style= »strikethrough » border_color= »#dddddd » top_margin= »40″ bottom_margin= »40″]My Skills[/section_title]
[progress_bar bar_color= »#0d8989″ background_color= »#dcdcdc » percentage= »75″]Film[/progress_bar]
[progress_bar bar_color= »#1985ca » background_color= »#dcdcdc » percentage= »90″]Photography[/progress_bar]
[progress_bar bar_color= »#D62C65″ background_color= »#dcdcdc » percentage= »50″]Illustration[/progress_bar]
[column size= »two_third » is_last= »true »][section_title style= »strikethrough » border_color= »#dddddd » top_margin= »40″ bottom_margin= »40″]Client Testimonials[/section_title]
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