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[dropcap text_color= »#ffffff » background_color= »#73B1CB »]1[/dropcap]My process begins with taking a raw photo in great lighting.

[dropcap text_color= »#ffffff » background_color= »#73B1CB »]2[/dropcap]Afterwards, I upload my photos and get them into Photoshop

[dropcap text_color= »#ffffff » background_color= »#73B1CB »]3[/dropcap]Next I meticulously hand correct flaws and imperfections.

[dropcap text_color= »#ffffff » background_color= »#73B1CB »]4[/dropcap]Finally, I tweak lighting, exposure etc. for the perfect flawless image.


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I’m available for event photography starting in November 2013.

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