[section_title style= »with_sub_title » border_color= »#dddddd » sub_title= »Turn your images into a classic photographic triptych and other photo strip styles »]Photo Strip[/section_title]

[photo_strips strips= »3″ horizontal_spacing= »10″ vertical_spacing= »1″][/photo_strips]

[section_title style= »with_sub_title » border_color= »#dddddd » sub_title= »Easily adjust the number of strips and vertical spacing between them for a staggered look! » bottom_margin= »60″][/section_title]

[photo_strips strips= »10″ horizontal_spacing= »5″ vertical_spacing= »10″][/photo_strips]

[section_title style= »with_sub_title » border_color= »#dddddd » sub_title= »Choose the amount of horizontal space between your strips for a bold look. » bottom_margin= »60″][/section_title]

[photo_strips strips= »4″ horizontal_spacing= »40″ vertical_spacing= »6″][/photo_strips]

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